November Challenge

This one is a doozy.  We're going for a push up challenge - Isophit style!  Position yourself on the Isophit so that you are in the bottom part of a push up, with the bar across your back.  You are [...]

Your Gut and Your Health

We would like to feature Dr. Effy Germanis this month in our blog as she jumps into some gut health information!  Our gut is so important and is often looked at as the second brain, so make sure that you [...]

Matrix Athletic Academy

This summer marks the first trimester for the Matrix Athletic Academy.  We were pretty excited to launch this component of training at the studio and have really enjoyed working with some incredible athletes in our first quarter.  We wanted to [...]

Client Feature – September!

We really want to celebrate our most recent client feature!  This individual has been a pleasure to work with and has seen some significant improvements over the time that we have been working together.  Take some time to read through [...]

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