Flip the Script

The first habit that I want to introduce is called “Flip the Script”.  This focuses on burying dead yesterdays.  Changing the course of action, the trajectory of your life.  If you always do what has always been done, nothing changes.  [...]

Day-Tight Compartments

I would like to lay the groundwork for our next batch of lessons to help you Win The Day and provide some insight into the habits that we’ll be working on!  These are not ideas that I have come up [...]

Back on Track!

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day?  This movie was filmed back in 1993 and is about a weatherman who ends up living through the same day...over and over again… Do you ever feel like that’s your life right now...your [...]

Mindset Matters

When people get sideways with their health and fitness goals, the culprit often has nothing to do with their body. It’s right between the ears. Their mind … or, more specifically, their Mindset. You could have a well-designed set of [...]

We Are All Actively Aging!

Have you heard the term “active aging” before?  We can often hear this when referring to a population of individuals who are approximately 55 + years old, but I wanted to debunk this a little bit… We are all aging, [...]

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