Have you heard the term “active aging” before?  We can often hear this when referring to a population of individuals who are approximately 55 + years old, but I wanted to debunk this a little bit…

We are all aging, and hopefully actively.  Regardless of your current (chronological) age, it is a fact that you are older today than you were yesterday.  Each one of us experience the same time every single day and we continue to age at the same rate.  

So then, why do we use the “active aging” terminology with this group of individuals?  

Perhaps it’s because people often slow down as they get older.  They look towards retirement and not having to go through the daily grind with work.  They aren’t as active throughout the day as they used to be when they were younger, but I think that active aging starts long before that age bracket.

Take a car for example, but not just any car, a classic muscle car – the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 (my personal favourite).  If you abuse this car, don’t take care of it and drive it to the ground, then you might as well have just driven a rusty Pontiac Sunfire.  But when cared for appropriately throughout its entire lifetime, this car will get better with age!  

These cars are currently 54 years old.  Right at the beginning of that “active aging” era.  But could you imagine the condition that car would be in if it had been neglected for the past 40 – 50 years?  It would take a lot of work to get it running the way that it should be.  Arguably more work, than what would have been necessary to just keep it running well all those years in the first place.

Our bodies are going to act in the same way.  If we wait until we are older to start taking care of our bodies, it may take longer to accomplish than if you had done it for years prior.  

However, just like that neglected Shelby GT 500, it’s not too late to start.  With time, perseverance, care and some proper guidance and knowledge, you would be able to restore that car to its original condition. 

Moral of the story – regardless of your age, start taking care of it today!  

Starting when you are 30 is going to make your 40’s easier.
Starting when you are 50 is going to make your 60’s easier.
Starting when you are 70 is going to make your 80’s easier.

We need to start our active aging now.  Regardless of your current age.  Stay healthy.  Stay strong.  And enjoy life void of the aches and pains associated with a neglected car.