Do you move regularly?  And I’m not talking about your typical day.  Yes, I know that you get up in the morning, brush your teeth, make your way to work, school, be with the kids, etc.  You perhaps walk the stairs at your office, or go through the grocery store then make your way home for dinner and sit on the couch watching television for the rest of the evening.  But do you really move?  Do you have purposeful, thought out movement?

At some point throughout every day, you should have an opportunity to move through a series of movements that help you 1) assess poor movement, 2) help improve mobility and most importantly 3) increase stability throughout various ranges of motion.  This may be through a particular yoga flow, or a sequence of mobility drills, whichever you prefer, there are lots of options that you could utilize.

This is a very important component of good movement.  We want to be able to address certain weaknesses on a daily basis and work towards improving them.  If you don’t know what is limited or hindered, how do you know what to work on?  Doing a workout that covers all of the “big muscle groups” doesn’t necessarily accomplish what you think it might.  It isn’t specific enough to your particular limitations.  So perhaps it’s time to start to introduce a protocol that will help you identify what to work on, when to work on it and how to work on it.  This doesn’t need to be a long and gruelling workout, but a simple 5 – 10 minutes at the beginning of your day (or whenever you have a chance to fit it in).

Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios is now offering an opportunity for you to learn how to assess, control and improve your muscular system on your own time!  With isometrics as the focal point, you can utilize an assessment based on an Active Range of Motion (AROM) to provide the necessary information to identify those weaknesses.  Progressing from there you can work through the Positional Control Strategy (PCS)to help improve muscle control in various positions and ultimately change how you feel on a daily basis, making you more prepared for your daily activities.

If you would like to learn more about the AROM & PCS now offered at Matrix of Motion, please contact us!  We’d be happy to help you take control of your body, one position at a time!

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