We Are COVID-19 Safe!

We want to welcome you back to the gym!  Your health and safety are our #1 priority through this time.  We want you to feel comfortable returning to the gym and as such, we have put in place some new safety measures.

Frequent Cleaning

Our studio has always been clean, but we have increased the frequency at which we deep clean the studio.  We are also disinfecting all high touch points multiple times throughout the day.  After each piece of equipment has been used, it gets sprayed down and cleaned so it is ready for the next person!

Hand Sanitizer

We have sanitizer throughout the studio for your use.  Please apply some when you arrive into the studio and throughout your workout as well.

Disinfectant Spray

Every member is now required to carry around their own spray bottle to clean any equipment they use as they go through their workout.  These bottles are found at the very front.  Once you complete your workout, place the bottle on the dedicated “Used Spray Bottle” shelf so that our team can disinfect it fully before it’s next use.


According to our Public Health Unit, masks are mandatory when indoors.  However, they are not required to be worn while exercising.  This is at your discretion.  For more information on this, please read the Mandatory Use of Face Masks and Coverings information on the York Region website.


Our memberships are currently available.  We have implemented a “booking system” for members to ensure that the studio space does not become over-crowded.  This helps us all stay safe and maintain a proper social distance.  At this time, our free trials are no longer available.  Guests are also not allowed at this time.  We want to ensure that our studio is exclusively available to members.


For the time being, some areas of our facility are not available.  This includes change rooms (you can still get changed in the washroom, but we encourage you to come in your workout attire), showers, lockers, water fountain (our water bottle fill station is still available as this is touch free), coffee station

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to keep Matrix of Motion a safe environment for you!

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