Sticking with our consistency approach for 2017, here is another blog for you to check out!  I hope that you have maintained some consistency with your 2017 resolutions, especially any increased gym time or increased focus on your health!

Growing up, I’ve never enjoyed reading.  I equate that to always being told what I had to read.  Our schools and teachers would follow a set curriculum and we would be required to read certain material.  This gets carried right through until university.  You would think that once you get to choose an area of study that you are interested in (when in university or college), you would start to enjoy reading a bit more.  This didn’t happen for me.  There were a handful of classes that I truly enjoyed and took a serious interest in, but everything else was a chore to get through.  On the bright side, now that university is done and I’m set in a career, I have found a real joy when it comes to reading, but only books and courses that I have a true interest and passion for!

Now what does this have to do with exercise and accomplishing your newly set goals?  Simple.  When you do a form of exercise that you don’t enjoy, you wont carry it through for very long.  It becomes a chore.  You will find every excuse in the book not to do it and when you do finally get around to it, it isn’t invigorating the way that exercise should be!  You need to find something that you LOVE to do!  Or better yet, find someone that you LOVE to exercise WITH!  Once you start to enjoy your workouts more, you’ll find that they will become a healthy habit that much quicker!  Stop doing what everyone else is doing and start doing what you enjoy the most!  This is when you’ll create a new found passion for exercise and your health will be the main beneficiary!

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