We really want to celebrate our most recent client feature!  This individual has been a pleasure to work with and has seen some significant improvements over the time that we have been working together.  Take some time to read through it and celebrate with us about Jenn’s success so far!!

  • Name: Jennifer Febel
  • Tell us a bit about yourself: When I first came to Greg I had just started recovery from a series of long-term illnesses that really took their toll on my body. There were days I was barely able to walk to the end of my street due to weakness and fatigue so I was looking for someone to help me begin to process of re-building my muscles and body. Since working out with Greg I have gone from barely able to move to taking up new hobbies like golf and, more recently, running.  I had a LOT of muscle imbalances and my whole left side was very weak and partially non-functional.  Now I am able to move my body in a way that supports my health instead of threatening it.
  • How long have you been working out with Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios? I have been working out with Greg for about a year or so now.
  • What is your Workout/Exercise/Therapy history: Ha! In the past, I would attempt to work out, either alone or with another trainer, and every time I started to see some results I would end up getting really sick or injuring myself badly. I tried other trainers in the past but their focus on my body size instead of my health was not what I wanted.
  • Why did you start working with Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios? I was referred to Greg and told that his combination of Muscle Activation Technique combined with his isometric focus would be helpful to address my multiple muscle imbalances.
  • What do you like most about working with Matrix of Motion Studios? I love that Greg approaches his work from more of an engineering perspective – how can we utilize the body’s structure to optimize function. It’s very different from other trainers I have worked out with in the past whose sole focus was inches lost and body fat percentages.  There is no body shaming with Greg – whatever fitness goal you have he can help and he does it in a friendly and encouraging way.
  • What has your experience been like? Amazing. I recommend Greg to everyone I meet.
  • What are your goals? Anything specific that you are working towards? Balanced health. Strength. Ability to participate in life in a way that supports my body and is healthy.  I want to be able to do any activity I want without any fear of injury or illness.
  • What do you use as motivation to help keep you moving forward? “I workout because I CAN”
  • What advice can you offer to others who are looking to get in shape/become healthier/starting to exercise etc… Make sure you find someone who sees YOU, and doesn’t just prescribe a standard, “one-size-fits-all” regime to follow. Be wary of exercise programs that require you to burn out or that don’t focus on healthy muscular/skeletal structure. They may result in weight loss but the negative health effects eventually show up.
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