Name: Geraldine Mosey

Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m 48 years old married with a 20 year old daughter, in 2012 I decided to start going to an exercise program and control my diet and lost around 50lbs and became much more physically fit then I had been

How long have you been working out with Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios? I started in August 2016

What is your Workout/Exercise/Therapy history: I started with a ladies fitness class 2 times a week at a hall where you brought a water bottle, dumb bells and an exercise mat. We did HIIT training, tabatas, and a variety of different exercises. When the trainer took a maternity leave I continued to exercise 3 times a week at home using the routines she had provided and making up my own.

Why did you start working with Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios? Over a 2 year period I sometimes had a sore right shoulder. Like everyone I looked on the internet and found exercises that I should stay away from and continued till it felt better and then went back to my regular stuff. One day I lifted a box and my shoulder hurt badly. I couldn’t raise my right arm for the pain. The ultrasound showed I had a couple small tears in a muscle in my shoulder. There is no surgery for this, the only thing to do is not use the arm and over time it will get better. Not 100% but better. Physio may help but if I raised my arm it would tear the muscle more. A friend of my husband recommended I try MAT with Greg. Her son had and was much better.  I started with an assessment and MAT treatments and was shocked when my arm could move and not hurt!  Once my arm started to move better we started to work on keeping my other muscles in shape. I worked hard for those.  I progressed from MAT sessions to working out and strengthening my body. In November I was told I would need to have an abdominal surgery which would require no lifting or use of my abdominals for the 6-8 week recovery. The doctor told me I would need to use my arms to push myself up. Big problem – I was just getting my right arm to start working again, could it take the stress?  Greg worked with me to strengthen my other muscles to help with this. We worked for the 7 weeks we had before the surgery.  The day after the surgery when I was helped out of bed the first time the nurse seemed surprised that I was better at getting out then he expected. The next day when I got to go home the doctor said the work I did on my core would really help as I was not to lay around all day but I was allowed to walk and do lots of it. I returned to workout after the 6 week checkup and was surprised when Greg told me I was in much better shape than expected. My muscle loss was not as bad I guess you would say.  I was very happy as my abdominal muscles had taken a beating during surgery since they needed to be cut.

What do you like most about working with Matrix of Motion Studios? Greg has helped me – Greg helped me get use of my arm back. I was told it would take a year as it’s impossible to not use your arm and it’s true. It’s natural to grab something that falls and that’s how you hurt it again.  My arm has better rotation now then the arm that was not damaged. I can lift things with it. Greg has shown me a different way of working out that is helping strengthen my body without damaging the tender muscle that is still healing by getting the others to work better

What has your experience been like? It’s been great so far!  I am thrilled to be able to use my arm again and am happy to see that I am constantly getting stronger every week.

What are your goals? Anything specific that you are working towards? I have used fitness to maintain a healthy body. I don’t want to become a body builder just be healthy and work all the muscles not just abs or glutes!

What do you use as motivation to help keep you moving forward? To increase my strength and maintain it as I age and the needs of my body change

What advice can you offer to others who are looking to get in shape/become healthier/starting to exercise etc…. Take the time to take care of you. We all take care of our children and try to give them all we can provide. But take some time even if it’s once a week to do something for yourself too