I certainly hope that you have had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather that has come around this past week!  With temperatures up into the 20’s, I’m sure you have gotten out for some fresh air!  Spring is definitely here, and we’re hoping it’s here to stay!

From a health stand point, spring is always great!  It provides some additional sunlight that we have been lacking for the past couple months of winter, allows for some fresh air to circulate through your house and clear out the old stale air as well as offer the opportunity to get moving again!  With that being said, I’m going to caution you at this time.  Winter is typically filled with a more sedentary lifestyle.  We are indoors more, sitting around watching TV more, and ultimately, moving less.

After a period of inactivity, our bodies and muscles become deconditioned to our preferred activities.  We always want to jump right back in to our workout routine in the spring and going for long runs to enjoy the nice weather, but remember to take it slow!  Ease your way back into it and perhaps even get a “tune up”.  You take your car in for regular maintenance and a tune up every now and then to ensure that it is performing at it’s greatest ability, so why not take the same approach with your body?  Before you demand a your muscles to absorb a certain load, make sure that they are supporting your structure properly and can handle the task at hand.  When the check engine light goes off on your car, you don’t know exactly what it is until you take it to your mechanic.  It could be a transmission issue, a belt, or even just a crack in your gas cap.  But until you know what it is, your car can’t perform optimally.  This goes the same way for your body.  After an inactive winter, we tend to become stiff and the aches and pains start to set in.  Rather than pushing through it, make sure that there isn’t a more serious issue that needs to be addressed first.  Bring it in for a tune up and get back to the activities you enjoy quicker and with less pain and risk of injury!

This simple tune up can save you from days, weeks or even months of a nagging (unnecessary) injury!  Take time to care for yourself and your body will thank you!