This one is a doozy.  We’re going for a push up challenge – Isophit style!  Position yourself on the Isophit so that you are in the bottom part of a push up, with the bar across your back.  You are going to push up into the bar and hold that position for as long as you can!  We would like you to take a video of you holding the position and post it up on Facebook tagging us in it so that we can see how long you held it for!  If you really want to see how much of a benefit this can provide, do a self-check at the beginning of the month by performing as many full push ups as you can.  Then, at the end of the month after working on your Isophit Push Up, re-check how many push ups you can do!  Let’s see those push ups!!!!

You can also check out a video describing the challenge on our Facebook page!

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