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A letter to Coaches, Parents and Youth Athletes,

We know that it can be a lot of work to prepare your team for their upcoming season as well as monitor their strength training while minimizing injuries.  From tryouts and team selection, practice organization, game prep, skill development and then finally, if there is time left over, strength and conditioning.  I’d like to take some of the weight off your shoulders and introduce you to the Matrix Athletic Academy, the only choice for your teams’ training.

Our program allows you to focus on the things that matter most for your team, while letting us take care of your athlete’s strength and conditioning.  Our approach encompasses all aspects of athletic preparation although can be uniquely tailored to the individual needs of your team.  Athletes demand the most out of themselves every day which is why we follow a Long-Term Athletic Development model to ensure we don’t sacrifice their future for a day-to-day grind.  We strive to see each athlete progress through their sport year after year while minimizing the amount of time they are sidelined due to injury.  We will provide the tools necessary to see your team perform at their very best.

So what makes our athletic program so unique? During your training with the Matrix Athletic Academy, we will cover:

  • Baseline testing so that we can track their progress
  • Pre-game warm up and post-game cool down
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Off-Season Preparation
  • In-Season maintenance
  • Isometric Training for Performance
  • Sports Nutrition

Our Athletic Academy can be tailored to Private/Semi-Private Training, Small Athlete Groups or Team Training.

I invite you into our studio to check out the facility and speak with us directly to find more about the Athletic Academy and how we can partner together for a successful year!


Private / Semi-Private

Get the most out of your training by working directly with our performance coaches.  We will assess your current state, review your goals and determine what steps are needed to push you to the next level!  The very best in athletic performance!

Athletic Academy

Train in a group with 3 – 6 athletes to help motivate and push each other to your limits.  This approach is geared towards building overall athleticism yet can be tailored to each individual as needed.

Team Training

Win as a team, lose as a team, train as a team!  When you want the very best for your entire team, we bring them together and allow them to develop in unison!  Help to build trust in each other as you strive to improve your performance.
Matrix of Motion helped me by providing our soccer team off-season conditioning and fitness training in a focused private setting.  The result was fantastic.  It allowed the team to grow together through physical and mental challenges – encouraging each other in general athletic fitness – not just a sport specific skill.  Our trainer, Andrea, made the girls feel comfortable, was able to relate to them, and gave individual corrections depending on what each player needed.  The result was a fun but challenging workout for the team to improve overall fitness and work towards injury prevention.  The girls (and coaches) had fun and improved steadily.  Many of the exercises or circuits learned during our sessions  will be transferable to our outdoor season to maintain the teams’ fitness. I would recommend Matrix of Motion to any sports teams/athletes looking for individualized training plans and focused conditioning.

Head Coach, EG U14 Girls Rep Soccer

Our team training at Matrix of Motion has been a good addition to our yearly plan. Our boys are getting stronger, getting better with technique, and are bonding over the experience.  The trainers at Matrix are accommodating to our schedule to work the team hard or have a light stretch session.
Darcy Roy

Head Coach, Newmarket Hurricanes Jr. A Hockey Club

Join the Matrix Athletic Academy

Speak with us about the outcomes you would like to see accomplished within your sport and how we can help get you there!
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